22)Sheikh Hasina the right choice as main guest to the Republic Time but trust the PMO to miss the obvious

India Republic Day -- F rom the record 10 Chief Guests for the Republic Day Attend in 2018 to none in 2021 is as significantly a reflection on Prime Minister Narendra Modis out of the pack approach to foreign policy.

From the record 10 Chief Guests for the Republic Day Attend in 2018 to none in 2021 is as significantly a reflection on Prime Minister Narendra Modis out of the pack approach to foreign policy as his blind spots even though zeroing in on an remarkable foreign dignitary.

Sheikh Hasina Prime Minister of Bangladesh would have been the perfect Republic Day Chief Guest this current year for umpteen reasons however it obviously didnt occur to Modi to single her out and about for the honour. I shudder to even speculate if the visionary and statesman just like Modi is blinded through her religion or male or female or both to pass her up?

Instead of inviting United kingdom PM Boris Johnson who also ultimately chickened out Hasina should have been Modis automated choice this year as it is the actual 50th anniversary of the birth and labor of Bangladesh in 1971 and the 50th year of the organization of diplomatic relations concerning New Delhi and Dhaka. Indias role in the formation of Bangladesh by smashing the Pakistani army is simply too well known. I have brought upward only to underline our buy-ins in Bangladesh. Moreover Hasina has been Indias steadfast in addition to unwavering ally in South Asia who has even surpassesd swords with Pakistan in Indias behalf. Her legitimate commitment to New Delhi is a proven and accepted fact. My friends in the External Affairs Ministry and the security and safety establishment tell me that that one of the biggest priorities of our foreign policy is to be sure that Hasina somehow remains the actual PM of Bangladesh which proves how invested we have been in her.

Modi have a strange fixation for Initially World leaders. Last year he or she pulled out all stops to seize Donald Trump as the Primary Guest to show his home-based constituency that whether it is Barrack Obama or Trump zero US President can say no to Modi. But Overcome was too frightened through pollution levels in Delhi or simply too bored with Modi to accept the invitation which resulted in an eleventh hr invite to the obnoxious in addition to repulsive Jair Bolsonaro connected with Brazil. In a sense Modi acquired the last laugh though. He / she lured Trump to Ahmedabad and Delhi in Feb . 2020 with the promise involving Gujarati votes in the US elections! This time Modi eyed the actual dishevelled Johnson who is furthermore also hard of experiencing. It was a done cope until it suddenly fell via so close to January twenty six that finding another Primary Guest on the rebound had been well and truly impossible leaving Modi stranded.

Hasina has done so much for Indian that Modi keeps paying out Bangladesh compliment after accompany. He recently described the actual phase of bilateral relationships as the golden era involving India-Bangladesh ties. Modi undoubtedly doesnt talk out of his or her hat. He means just what he says. During a 90-minute long Virtual Summit along with Hasina on December 17 2020 he said: Bangladesh is a major pillar involving Indias Neighbourhood First policy. From the very first day as PM strengthening and development of relationships with Ban gladesh has been a exclusive priority for me. Hasina immediately reciprocated by phoning India Bangladeshs true friend.

There are far too many instances of these kinds of cordial exchanges. But I had been most touched by what Hasina said during a World Monetary Forum meeting in 2018 in Dalian. Our relationships with India are organically grown. It cannot be measured by way of a few billion dollars involving trade. India and Bangladesh shed blood together for that creation of my land.

In Octobe r 2020 India posted a new Substantial Commissioner Bikram Doraiswami who also drove to Dhaka rather than flying there. While browsing Awami League headquarters in December 23 2020 Doraiswami according to a report in Ittefaq a leading Bangladeshi newspaper said that if the Awami League isnt there Indian will be friendless in Bangladesh. If thats indeed correct doesnt Awami League extraordinario Hasina - who has a sked Modi to Dhaka as being the Chief Guest on the special occasion of the 50th anniversary involving Bangladeshs independence in Walk 2021 - deserve like a Chief Guest at all of our Republic Day?